Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DNA analysis shows truth to "switched at birth"

When LBE wrote on DNA profiling for the University of Chicago Roundtable, he wondered when DNA would be used to prove a "switched at birth" story. In 2009, there is one.

There had been rumors that Kay Rene Reed Qualls (now of Heppner, Oregon) and DeeAnn Angell Shafer (now of Richland, Wash.) had been switched at birth in Pioneer Memorial Hospital in eastern Oregon in 1953.

Within an AP report on the story-->

Nothing happened until an 86-year-old woman told Bobby Reed (brother to one of the women) that his [?] mother, Marjorie Angell, had insisted back in 1953 she had been given the wrong baby after the nurses returned from bathing the two newborns, but her concerns were brushed off.

Bobby Reed was stunned, learning later that rumors of a mix-up had been around for years. In early February, Shafer learned the truth in a telephone call from her sister, Juanita.


Blogger theothersister said...

I am the "other sister " that is not talked about . I was 10 years old when the girls were switched at birth . My older sister and I remember the day she was born and that the other woman thought the girls were switched .
Nothing did happen after their birth but " a lot of wondering " only wondering if it could be true .
The 86 year old lady that talked to my brother ........... talked to the wrong person because Bobby never really knew about it .
I was not told when Bobby talked to this lady ....... for the reason that I would have investagated into the fact that it came up after so many years .
I called the older lady in Fossil oregon and still talk to her on the phone .
I was the one that called Juanita and left a message on her phone ..... saying if she was the sister to a sister born May 3 1953 in Heppner Oregon ...... would she please call me back .
Juanita called me back within a few days . She then called Dee Ann and told her of the switched at birth .
My name was never brought up in any news ????
I was treated like I had done something wrong .
I was not invited to met Dee Ann at the time my Brother and older sister had lunch with her .
Later , Kay Rene was told , only because I sent her a " switched at birth " about other girls that had been switched at birth . Kay Rene knew that it was a posablity that she had been switched at birth at this time ............. my mother told her about 2002.
She made my mother feel very guilty and got about anything she wanted " material things " ,.... from that day on .
I was taking care of my mother and living with her at that time . I saw land sold very cheap to Kay Rene by my Mother . This has caused lots of bad feelings because we have other land that is above the land she " my mother " sold to Kay Rene .
When Kay Rene was 3 years old my older sister got married . My brother was born at that time also . I am the only one that knows the way we were raised and what our life was like .
I am the secret in the attic . My name is Carol Reed Klein , I live in Heppner Oregon . my e-mail in Carol_sunshines@yahoo.com
I think my family needs a lawyer

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