Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blogspot blogger accused of plagiarism

The Toledo Blade reports that Former Lucas County (Ohio) Commissioner Maggie Thurber, who writes on, resigned as columnist for the Toledo Free Press after being accused of plagiarism in a column about Memorial Day.

The issue was one of plagiarism from the internet. The Blade noted:

The weekly paper was on the newsstands Friday, and Ms. Thurber's column had several paragraphs that were almost word for word what was on Internet sites of the American Legion Auxiliary and the History Channel. Ms. Thurber did not credit either in her column.

Early last evening, this editor's note was all that appeared under the headline and byline for Ms. Thurber's column on the Free Press Web site: "Toledo Free Press takes any accusation of plagiarism seriously. Pending investigation, this article has been removed from our Web site and its author is under indefinite suspension."

In a country having a vice-president who is an admitted plagiarist (Syracuse Law incident), one wonders who really does take plagiarism seriously. Yes, newspapers say they do, but the reality of Biden, Poshard, Tribe, and Kearns-Goodwin suggest others do not.

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