Monday, April 27, 2009

Qualcomm to pay Broadcom $891 million to settle patent dispute

Yahoo Tech News reported: Chip maker Qualcomm Inc. said late Sunday [26 April 09] it will pay Broadcom Corp. $891 million over four years to settle a longstanding dispute over patents and royalties.

The company said it will pay $200 million of the settlement in the quarter ending June 30. The agreement dismisses with prejudice all litigation between the companies, including overseas, with Broadcom agreeing withdraw its complaints to the European Commission and the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

In terms of the "patent reform" movement, Jaffe and Lerner in Innovation and Its Discontents had praised Qualcomm as a model of good patent behavior. The magnitude of their misunderstanding should now be apparent. Maybe Congressman Berman should redact Jaffe's testimony before Congress.

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