Thursday, April 09, 2009

Original owner wins parrot custody battle

ABCNews covered a custody battle over a lost-then-found African grey parrot, which was resolved in
favor of the original owner.

African greys are not particularly colorful:

Macaws are more interesting:

Neither African grays nor macaws are as friendly as cockatoos.

Some commenters to the ABC post noted that there are parrots which are up for adoption. The pet adoption issue came up in Joe Biden's recent dog acquisition. [from wowowow: "Some readers were incensed that Biden bought a puppy from a breeder of pedigree dogs instead of getting one from a pound. " Also: PETA Harasses Biden and His Dog Breeder [Linda Brown] ]

A law professor was quoted in the ABC story; David Favre seemed to think the "new" owner had a chance.

One commenter wrote that this sort of thing was an economic stimulus package for lawyers. IPBiz
notes the two parties were women living in Boca Raton.

Law students cover "found" property in first year. "Missing then found" artwork is a popular topic.


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