Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nobel plagiarism?

MonstersAndCritics says: A decade-old plagiarism case could be reopened in Spain against 1989 Nobel Literature Prize winner Camilo Jose Cela, the daily El Pais reported 21 April 09.

**In passing, note a "dreamworld" discussion of plagiarism in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, titled
No 2nd chance in the case of plagiarism

Newsflash: Joe Biden, who committed plagiarism at Syracuse Law, got a second chance and is currently Vice-President.
Glenn Poshard, who committed plagiarism in his Ph.D. thesis at SIU, is currently president of SIU. Ward Churchill, who committed plagiarism and cited to his own papers, ghost-written under another name, did win his lawsuit against CU, and Stanley Fish, writing in the New York Times, said Churchill's transgressions were no big deal. Of course, there's also Laurence Tribe, admitted plagiarist, who is still at Harvard Law. Of course, those were all academic plagiarisms. But Nicole Sobel is a student, just as Biden and Poshard were student plagiarists.

What planet does Steve Fox inhabit?


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