Saturday, April 25, 2009

More activity in lithium battery litigations

An IPBiz reader noted that a re-examination certificate was issued on 22 April 09 on Armand's patent titled CATHODE MATERIALS FOR SECONDARY (RECHARGEABLE) LITHIUM BATTERIES [6,514,640]. See 90/008,205.

According to a document filed 22 Dec 2008, claims were amended.

As a footnote, LBE "replaced" Michel Armand in the Stanford lab of Robert A. Huggins when
Armand left for France. Initial work was on Croft's graphite/CrO3 "intercalation" compound, which was
determined to be a physical mixture of graphite and Cr308. Armand had reacted this material
with n-butyl lithium.

Note: "Issues And Challenges Facing Rechargeable Lithium Batteries," J. -M. Tarascon and M. Armand, Nature, 414, 359-367 (2001).

See also

Order issued in UTexas(Goodenough) v. Valence case on lithium batteries


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