Saturday, April 04, 2009

IBM to withdraw second patent application on outsourcing

Christine Young writes in the recordonline:

The same day the Times Herald-Record reported IBM had applied to patent a computerized system to help businesses outsource offshore jobs while maximizing government tax breaks, Big Blue did an about-face.

The application "was filed in error and will be withdrawn," IBM spokesman Steve Malkiewicz said Monday, 30 March 09.


Some 17 months ago, IBM abruptly withdrew a similar application immediately after it was made public.

"A method for identifying human-resource work content to outsource offshore of an organization," was submitted for a patent in January 2006.

IBM withdrew the application in October 2007, saying it lacked "substantial technical content."

At that point, though, the second application had already been filed — in September 2007. But it was not made public until yesterday — only days after IBM reportedly fired thousands of American workers to shift their jobs to India.


Malkiewicz said the filing would be withdrawn because it "is contrary to our patent policy on business methods."

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IBM's published patent application 20090083107 on outsourcing
which included:

And, less anyone forget, IBM had a previous bad experience with a US patent application on outsourcing, "Outsourcing of Services" [appl.11/324958; US2007/0162321]. See previous IPBiz post:
IBM withdraws business method patent on outsourcing of services

One can only ask: what was IBM thinking?

IAM on IBM's Kappos, not touching the political or patent pulse?


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