Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Testimony on patent reform (S.515)

from prepared remarks by Philip S. Johnson, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Johnson & Johnson (who was one of six witnesses to testify on March 10 before the Senate Judiciary Committee on S. 515) , from a press release by Coalition for 21st Century Patent Reform:

The primary focus of patent reform should be job growth. Congress should change our patent laws to ensure that meritorious inventions are uniformly accorded patent protection. The resulting patents should be promptly and reliably enforceable against infringers, and result in damages awards that fairly compensate for the unauthorized uses made of the patented inventions. Because the R&D investments made in reliance on the patents dwarf the costs associated with their filing, maintenance and enforcement, the principal objective of patent reform should not be on saving administrative costs, but on changes that will stimulate R&D investment. Collectively, these changes will stimulate job growth. [bolding added by IPBiz.]


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