Sunday, March 15, 2009

Legal associates and law reviews

Someone commented to an IPbiz post titled: Citations of blogs by law reviews

This is part of the reason why, when I was an associate in BigLaw, I always had to suddenly go to the restroom whenever some partner said "We should write a law review article / white paper on that." I also scrupulously avoided any kind of law review in law school.

While IPBiz might appreciate the sentiment, IPBiz is not sure of its relevance to THAT IPBiz post.

The affirmative act of providing a cite can be related to mutual back-scratching (like blogrolling?) and the neglectful act of omitting a relevant cite (legally disfavored for patent applicants but not so for patent law professors) is problematic. Neither is a reason for not writing a law review (or a blog). The fact that "no one" reads them (refer to Barack Obama) is a different matter.


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