Sunday, March 01, 2009

CNSC files patent infringement case against VISA

PR-Canada writes: Charge Notification Services Corporation (C.N.S.C.) has filed a lawsuit against VISA, Inc. for patent infringement. C.N.S.C. is a relatively young company in Miami, Florida, that offers information processing services to credit card issuing banks. The C.N.S.C. patent covers charge card transaction authorization and/or notification in real-time via SMS to the cardholder's cellular phone. VISA and some of their bank partners have recently been offering this service.

"We are very sorry that it had to come to filing this suit," says Ivan Ochoa, the C.E.O. of C.N.S.C. "For months we've tried exhaustively to work with VISA with no results. We're a young company but we have experience with this product and the credit card business as a whole. We have the knowledge and infrastructure to handle even the most extreme transaction volume. We've expended considerable resources on patent registration and product development."

**In this area, note published application 20060202025 (11/077783 ), titled Mobile phone charge card notification and authorization method to inventors Gerry Calabrese and Werner Stemer with first claim:

A payment authorization method, which comprises: gathering, at a merchant's, account information for payment of a customer's purchase; transmitting an authorization request to a financial authorization system requesting payment authorization for the customer's purchase; notifying the customer that the authorization request has been received by transmitting a notification to a wireless device associated with the customer; and processing the transaction for payment authorization.

See also 20080154760. See also 20050177469.


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