Sunday, March 08, 2009

Barclays predicts Merck beats Teva on Singulair.

Globes said that Barclays Capital noted, "Based on testimony offered and the tone of the proceedings, in our view the most likely outcome is that Merck's patent no. 5,565,473 will be upheld should there be no out-of-court settlement (which remains a possibility). If the court rules in favor of Merck, Teva will be unable to launch generic montelukast before the August 2012 patent expiry, barring appeal."

***On the Globes page is an ad that, for 1,195 euro purports to answer the question "who owns the carbon nanotube?": Carbon nanotubes are the subject of extensive research and development work. Although numerous applications are now envisaged for these materials, a few stand out, namely (...)

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