Thursday, February 05, 2009

Philly Inquirer on Obama and stem cells

The article notes that On the campaign trail, Obama pledged to revoke the policy that President George W. Bush imposed in August 2001 but during a CNN interview, did Obama say he would "prefer" that Congress pass legislation removing Bush's restrictions, "because those are the people's representatives."

Congress at any time could have authorized funding.

The article mentions Rutgers' Wise Young:

"He's not backpedaling," said Wise Young, an internationally known neuroscientist at Rutgers University. "We need a law so we don't have this political football. If Obama simply rescinds the Bush order, it lets Congress off the hook" in dealing with an ethically charged issue.

See also IPBiz on Wise Young, for example


Star-Ledger fails to rationalize defeat of NJ stem cell bond question


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