Sunday, February 15, 2009

More on Suppes and Missouri

The Baltimore Sun ran, on Feb. 15, a version of an AP story on Galen Suppes that had circulated as early as February 7.

Neither variant gets into the issue that some of Galen Suppes' work, now at issue at Missouri, may have derived from work Suppes did at Kansas, and, as such, would be beyond the purview of Missouri's reach, barring an explicit assignment on the point.

There are some financial numbers in the story: Missouri says it is among those schools profiting from technology transfer. In the most recent fiscal year, the campus spent $1.4 million marketing intellectual property while earning $6.2 million in licensing income. IPBiz wonders if "marketing" includes the costs of patent application drafting and prosecution, or merely the costs of "advertising" the inventions to potential licensors. Bessen and Meurer were trying to tell people that even licensed patents were not making money, giving a strongly revisionistic picture of IBM.

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