Saturday, February 28, 2009

IV and nuclear power

Commenting on the assault on IV by Matt Asay, IAM rolls out non-troll behavior by IV, as highlighted by MIT Tech Rev:

However, it may be an opinion that will be a little more difficult to sustain following a recently published article in the MIT Technology Review. In this, TerraPower - a new type of nuclear reactor which has been developed by IV scientists - was identified as one of the top 10 emerging technologies that could change the world.

In earlier times, the inventive aspects of IV were mentioned first, with the "troll" side a footnote. See for example:

Some of the patent applications in question are US published apps 20080123797 [Automated nuclear power reactor for long-term operation ] and 20080123795 [Controllable long term operation of a nuclear reactor ]. Both Myhrvold (a former Hertz Fellow] and former Hertz Foundation Prez Lowell Wood are listed inventors. [Roderick Hyde is also an inventor; CLARENCE "Casey" T. TEGREENE, the patent attorney). Long ago, Edward Teller discussed the advantages of the CANDU reactor.

See also

***Of the '795 case [ app 11/605,933 filed on 11-28-2006 ], there have been FOUR (4) distinct preliminary amendments. An IDS filed in Oct 08 mentioned nine distinct US patents. There is one PCT ( PCT/US07/24375 filed on 11-26-2007 ) and four distinct US apps claiming priority to 11/605,933. There has been no Office Action on 11/605,933. This is NOT an issued patent.

***Comment on continuing rules

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