Friday, January 02, 2009

Stem cells from adipose

Note from BusinessWire: Cytori announced Dec. 30 that U.S. patent # 7,470,537 (the ‘537 patent) has been issued to the University of California, which covers a population of stem cells, progenitor cells and other replicating cells, which can be obtained from human adipose tissue. The composition of matter patent is licensed to Cytori through its agreement with the University of California.

See prior IPBiz post:

Separately, The Recorder quoted Mallun Yen:

"I think if you polled companies, you would find that the amount spent on buying patents is increasing more than the amount being spent on prosecution," said Mallun Yen, vice president of worldwide intellectual property at Cisco Systems Inc., who characterized her company's patent purchasing program as "very active."

[Yen is not a registered patent attorney.]

A more interesting quote: "Patents covering your own technology are not very useful," said Craig Opperman, an IP lawyer at Reed Smith. "You want patents on the other guys' technology -- you want patents that you can stick 'em with."


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