Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rambus patents unenforceable

Bloomberg reports:

Rambus, a designer of high-speed memory chips, may not use 12 of its patents to demand royalties from Micron Technology, a federal judge ruled. Judge Sue L. Robinson of United States District Court in Wilmington, Del., said the patents were unenforceable because Rambus destroyed documents, and called Rambus’s conduct “obstructive at best, misleading at worst.”

A holding of "unenforceable" means the patents can't be enforced against anyone.

FoxBusiness reported:

Pfizer Inc announced that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has issued a "Notice of Allowance" accepting the company's application to correct the technical defect in the '995 enantiomer patent for atorvastatin calcium, the salt form of atorvastatin sold as Lipitor.

The company noted that certain formalities must be completed before the reissue patent will be granted. The reissued patent will have the same force and effect as the original '995 patent and the same June 2011 expiration date (including the six-month pediatric exclusivity period).

cross-reference Ranbaxy


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