Friday, January 02, 2009

Patent attorney works on product

The Seattle Times reported:

Sales [of CankerMelts] have gone so well that {Jeff] Haley, who sank $700,000 of his own money into the startup, retired in 2006 from the Bellevue law firm he co-founded and has raised $1 million from investors. In the next two months, he hopes to raise another $1.5 million for OraHealth, his new company that has seven other employees and a factory in Factoria.

Future plans:

His plans are bigger. He wants to sell OraHealth when revenues reach $50 million to $100 million, which he hopes will be in the next three to five years. In 2008, sales from CankerMelts were below $1 million, but they are growing fast and will be augmented this year by XyliMelt sales.


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