Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More on ArticleOne

ArticleOne has a release on Jan. 13 which includes:

Article One Partners, LLC, a global community working to legitimize the validity of patents, today announced two new Patent Studies driven by litigation and dispute surrounding Worlds.com and JSA Technologies patents. Article One community members – called Advisors – have an opportunity to send in prior art evidence of validity or invalidity for both high profile patents, with the potential to earn up to U.S. $50,000 per study, in addition to premium profit sharing for active participation in the study and community.

"Patent disputes are moving to the courtroom in record numbers, with the cost of litigation typically passed along to the public – in this case impacting those who participate in virtual worlds and online gaming, and students using the campus ID card credit systems provided by their schools," said Cheryl Milone, founder of Article One Partners. "By presenting the patented information to our community for peer review, we focus a global effort upon the core issue of validity for the patents at issue. If a comprehensive search does not uncover prior art evidence, the patent is intrinsically strengthened. If evidence is discovered and presented, the market can take action to reduce unfair monopolies and overly broad patents. In both cases, resolution can be expedited."

An email noted: peer review is certainly a trend of interest with President Elect Obama lauding Peer-to-Patent's approach as what may be the answer for patent reform.

What Obama said as reported in Financial Times

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