Monday, January 12, 2009

John Squires to Chadbourne & Park

IAM has a post on the departure of John Squires from Goldman Sachs {John Squires has left his position as chief IP counsel of Goldman Sachs to become the joint head of IP at law firm Chadbourne & Park ]

In a talk at Mumbai in 2007, Squires had quoted Forbes: [Rich Karlgaard (Forbes, 1997)] on Bill Gates:

“Halfway through the flight, Mr. Gates closed the book, shut
his computer off and we talked. Out of nowhere, he told me
that he had recently figured out who his competition was.It
was not Apple, Lotus or IBM. He waited a couple of beats. "It's
Goldman Sachs."

"No," he said. "I mean the competition for talent. It's all about
IQ. You win with IQ. Our only competition for IQ is the top
investment banks."

One finds the same quote in a talk at the 2008 AIPLA Conference boosting

Squires testified in “Patent Reform: The Future of Innovation” (June 2007) on behalf of S.1145.

See also Financial Patents: Is the big bang coming? [“Goldman, viewed by many as a patent leader on Wall Street, has hundreds of patent applications in the pipeline and has received patent rights on a couple of dozen products and systems, according to its chief patent officer, John Squires. He joined Goldman in the new position in 2000 after being a patent lawyer with Allied Signal.”]

The IAM piece likely came from

Squires founded Goldman Sachs' patent practice nine years ago, and he has been credited with giving the practice a more global focus. That includes taking on international issues such as branding and trademarks, operational and technology matters, and licensing transactions and due diligence. "John is a high-profile intellectual property lawyer who will play a vital part in one of the firm's major objectives, which is to continue to grow an international, full-service intellectual property practice," said Chadbourne & Parke Managing Partner Charles K. O'Neill.

Squires has also been involved in a number of public intellectual property initiatives. He has chaired the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association's intellectual property subcommittee since 2004, and co-authored an examination quality program with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He has also worked with Congress to bring about improvements in U.S. Patent law. Additionally, he has filed several amicus briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

[The "examination quality" program relates to peer-to-patent.]

Of Goldman Sachs on investments, IPBiz had noted:

Goldman Sachs owns a minority stake [in Santelisa Vale}, as does Brazil's development bank BNDESPar.
[probably not the highest IQ move]

The former head of Goldman is New Jersey's present guv, Corzine, who, when not speeding on the Garden State
Parkway, completed misunderstood the Jersey landscape on stem cells.


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