Friday, January 02, 2009

Joe Biden's solid gold cufflinks

John Pickens found cuff links in a shirt he bought at a thrift store. Action6News of Philadelphia continued the story:

"I went to a jeweler in Center City with just one of the links, to see if it was a fake. He said, 'No. This is solid gold."

Pickens believes if the cuff links belong to Vice President-elect Joe Biden, he'd surely want them back. Pickens called Action News to see if we'd be able to reach out to Biden's people. He's not looking for any reward or publicity he just want to return these very nice cuff links.

"I know if was me, I'd want my cuff links back." Action News has made repeated calls to Biden's office but they haven't been returned. So we don't yet know for certain if the cuff links belong to the Vice President-elect.

Biden's probably trying to spin how Joe Six Pack uses solid gold cufflinks. (or rides the Acela)

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***Back in Sept., MediaMatters had dismissed the "French cuff" issue-->

I think that he's really got to connect with these voters." Contrary to the notion that wearing French cuffs may interfere with Biden's ability to "connect with these voters," French cuff shirts can be found for $37.50 on the website of J.C. Penney, a national department-store chain that many voters can presumably "connect" with.

but neglected the part about the solid gold cufflink.


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