Monday, January 12, 2009

Japanese guv to support university patenting in iPS stem cell area

Perhaps not unrelated to the scoop of Yamanaka in iPS, the Japanese government is getting involved in iPS. Smartbrief reports:

The Education, Science and Technology Ministry in Japan said it plans to support more universities and research centers in their bids to secure patents for ideas and technologies used in studies on induced pluripotent stem cells. With government support, these institutions could hire intellectual property specialists who can advise them about patent systems abroad.

See previous IPBiz post:

Yamanaka scooped on iPS (stem cell) patent ?!?

***Back at the californiastemcellreport, there's no news about these iPS developments, but we do a flash about Ted Kennedy backing Art Torres:

Torres' "years of advocacy for medical research and better health care for Californians will be a major asset" for CIRM, Kennedy said.

"A great deal is at stake," the Massachusetts Democrat said, "and I'm confident that Art Torres will make a difference for our country."

IPBiz recalls what happened when Ted Kennedy backed Barack Obama in the Massachusetts primary. Torres, by the way, is the head of the California Democratic Party. There's no word on whether he knows what iPS is.


Terri Somers covered the recent conflict of interest story involving Burnham Institute President John Reed. One comment to the story was: The state most definitely should be investing in new technologies to create footings for private industry, eventually creating jobs and tax revenue. Still too early to be making money off stem cell research which is why government investment is needed. The medical promise that this research holds though is exactly what I want my taxes going towards, definitely before building more prisons and stadiums. Perhaps Dave3846 should read about the iPS saga.


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