Monday, January 19, 2009

Dan Burger on IBM patents, applications

IPBIz does not know "where" to begin in the morass of false statements in IBM Piles on the Patents, Promises to Publish Plenty.

One has: In 2009, we should see somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000 of its patented technical inventions published, which means they become public property.

Dan Burger is one confused person.

Also on IBM patenting from Delaware OnLine:

IFI Patent Intelligence, regarded as a national leader in chemistry and biology patent information, said IBM took the top spot by a relatively wide margin in 2008, but is facing increased competition from such Asian companies as Samsung and Canon.

"It's important not to confuse quantity with quality," said Darlene Slaughter, general manager of IFI. "What's clear is that many of the world's largest companies are placing a higher priority on protecting their intellectual property. ... Securing patents may be even more important in a down economy, since it gives patent-holders an edge over their competitors."

IBM does not obtain many patents in the chem/bio area.


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