Monday, January 19, 2009

Biden invites Kinnock to inauguration

FirstPost reports: Neil Kinnock is flying to Washington today [Jan. 19] with his wife Glenys for the inauguration on Tuesday of President-elect Barack Obama as the guest of Joe Biden, the Vice President-elect

FirstPost repeats the "old saw" that the problem with Biden's use of Kinnock's speech was plagiarism. The real problem with Biden's speech is that the facts were not true:

Biden’s campaign speech included the lines: "I started thinking as I was coming over here, why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to go to a university? [Then pointing to his wife in the audience] Why is it that my wife who is sitting out there in the audience is the first in her family to ever go to college? Is it because our fathers and mothers were not bright? Is it because I'm the first Biden in a thousand generations to get a college and a graduate degree that I was smarter than the rest?"

[FirstPost did not include the "coal miner" part.]

FirstPost also did not include the famous "I'm smarter than you" line Biden used during the NH primary.


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