Thursday, December 04, 2008

Was Bob Park's 28 Nov 08 WN an endorsement of "cold fusion"/LENR?

Of an IPBiz post, one reader wrote in suggesting that LBE, not being an insider on LENR, had misunderstood the meaning of Bob Park's November 28 post on WN.

Thus, Bob Park was asked: Can you say whether anything in your 28 Nov. post was an endorsement of cold fusion, LENR, and/or anomalous heat?

Bob Park responded:

Hmm, interesting. In our urge to classify we tend to create sharp boundaries between species where none exist.

The point I have been making is that those who accept the reality of a "Fleischmann-Pons effect" (I am not one of them) seem to have have moved from the isolationist mentality of "cold fusion" toward a culture of openness that characterizes mainstream science. I think it's a healthy move.

[Patent lawyers should appreciate Park's reference to species.]


In passing, one of LBE's advisors at Stanford was Robert A. Huggins, and LBE visited the Huggins lab in early 1990. Also, one (former) Hertz Foundation Fellow has worked to get funding for work in the LENR area.

Separately, there is an issue of lack of openness with both scientific and legal publishing.


Blogger Jed Rothwell said...

Park has been making this "isolationist" claim for years. It is nonsense. Cold fusion researchers have published hundreds of papers in mainstream journals, and the researchers themselves define the mainstream. Most of them are high status, distinguished professors, Nobel laureates and the like. This is because low status researchers cannot get funding to do the research, because there is such a rabid academic opposition to it.

The opposition is led by Park and Zimmerman, who vowed they would root out and fire any researcher in the federal government who tries to do a cold fusion experiment, or even talks about the subject. Park is been engaged in a 15-year political campaign to prevent this research, using threats, ridicule in the mass media, and outrageous distortions. And he has the gall to claim that cold fusion researchers do not abide by academic standards!

- Jed Rothwell, Librarian,

9:53 AM  

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