Monday, December 29, 2008

Quinn blames Coalition for Patent Fairness for absence of patent reform

In Why Patent Reform Didn’t Happen in 2008, Quinn writes:

Whether the tech giants that make up the so-called and horribly mis-named Coalition for Patent Fairness want to admit it or not, they are the problem and the reason that there is no hope for patent reform.

When the Coalition could not win on apportionment of damages, they walked away from negotiations. Other reforms were there for the asking.

The Coalition could not win on damages because of Arlen Specter.

See for example

Patent reform slip sliding away: "Arlen Specter has killed the patent bill"

At the time of the death of S. 1145, there was already concern about the economy. ["This is not a risk that the Senate should take at a time when we need to do all we can to support innovative, growth-oriented American industries and a fragile U.S. economy."] Now, the situation is far worse than it was when S. 1145 died. Patent reform is not now a "top of the list" item, expecially when its impact on the economy is murky.


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