Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paper linking graphene and hydrino!

From an abstract submitted 25 Aug 08:

We study the dynamics of fermions on graphene (...) Special emphasis is given to the formation of hydrino like states and its lifting of degeneracy due to the presence of AB field. The flux of the AB field can be tuned to make the low angular momentum hydrino states stable against decay.

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Bob Park flails BlackLight with quote from Chu
[In 2000, Chu, along with other Nobel Prize winning physicists, was asked by a reporter about people investing in BlackLight. Chu's response was not as colorful as some. "I feel sorry for them," he said softly.] [Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist based at City University of New York, adds that "the only law that this business with Mills is proving is that a fool and his money are easily parted."]


Blogger froarty said...

hydrino not sub zero but orbital twisted on time axis

I just read Andrea Rathke’s critical analysis of the hydrinos model. I am asking you to consider a hydrino model where the zero state is unchanged but the orbital instead twists on the time axis in the vacancy provided by the larger virtual particles in Casimir exclusion field. I believe much of the experimental evidence is correct but everyone wrongly assumed change in the electron radius instead of time(planks’maybe not so constant?). . Doctors Haisch and Moddel from Cal-Tech were quietly awarded a patent for a much more plausible description and patent of hydrino formation on May 8, 2008. They correctly identify the exclusion of large virtual particles in Casimir cavities as the exploitable property behind hydrino formation. They use multiple conducting and insulating plates with submicron channels drilled through the stack forming an array through which they circulate monatomic hydrogen. I disagree with both Cal-Tech and Black light Power describing the orbital as falling to below zero state inside the Casimir exclusion field but at least Cal-Tech realized this is a quantum effect where as BLP still persists in pushing their Grand Unified Theory (they may have no recourse since their patent would be in peril if they admit Casimir effect now that Cal-Tech has filed a correct patent). I believe both parties misinterpreted the energy gain as occurring when the atom enters a Casimir cavity. I believe the orbital’s are free to twist into a novel orientation on the time axis due to the missing larger virtual particles and if they happen to form a molecule while inside the exclusion field the orientation will be preserved when exiting the field. This forces normally chaotic virtual particles to organize when they discover these arrogant little orbital’s projecting out into the time stream. They form boundary conditions with these orbital’s trying to break the covalent bond and release energy as the signature black light plasma from which BLP takes their name or for lesser orientations form an energy transport suitable for throwing in your car or heater for combustion to release the stored energy.

Francis X Roarty

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