Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Online reputation management"

Of recent text In today's online social media world, businesses of all shapes and sizes must actively participate in online reputation management, IPBiz thought of various back-and-forths on blogs as better examples of "reputation management" than examples from business. For example, a criticism on truth on the market:

Does it bother you to lie like this? Adam Smith was talking about paper currency versus specie, not about preventing commercial banks from owning investment houses.

Credit default swaps are still not tanking. The housing market did not collapse until Fannie and Freddie, the GSEs, did.

So much for a blog with “truth” in the title.

evoked a quick response:

Lie? With all due respect, if you read it again you’ll see that’s not the message of the post.

A much faster response than LBE ever received from the Homewood Suites. The nonresponse in the latter case hardly is an example of the only way to control what people say about your company is to be part of the conversation.

IPBiz also thought of the tagline: Are you getting VACuumed by your current wound drainage company? at issue in KCI v. BlueSky.

***In passing, note also the various responses of IPBiz to "Masnick-isms"--> [Mike, at TechDirt, made comments below, but provided no citations to back up his statements.(...)] [It's self-evident that Mike confused what Jon Dudas said [more bad applications lately but, don't worry, we are rejecting them] with what Jaffe and Lerner said [USPTO and courts are allowing bad (issued) patents]. Jon Dudas is definitely NOT saying the USPTO is approving tons of bad patents, which IS what Jaffe and Lerner were saying. ]


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