Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NBC Nightly News does kudzunol on Dec. 15

On Dec. 15, 2008, Roger O'Neil reported a piece on Doug Mizell of Cleveland, Tenn. on fermenting the sugars of kudzu to make ethanol. Note that kudzunol is hardly "news." For example, from the blog patchwork reflections on July 26, 2007:

Tennessee Agro*Gas Industries is the local company started by Doug Mizell and Tom Monahan for their kudzunol, and if they have anything to say about it, kudzu is not just for goats anymore!

As IPBiz said before, maybe they should call it "NBC Nightly Olds."

IPBiz notes that the work of Lonnie Ingram at the University of Florida takes even bigger "waste" materials than kudzu into ethanol.

In other memorable television. on Dec. 16, NCIS had a sub-plot on patent infringement, the Mentalist's main plot was research fraud at "Leyland" University in California (the cover-up thereof causing the chancellor to murder two people), and the next show ("Without a Trace") having a Robert E. Lee Civil War re-enactor scurrying to the rear to avoid arrest. The Dec. 16 CBS line-up did well in the ratings, showing people are willing to believe in research fraud by academics.

The Mentalist had a line about NDAs, but the lines from the academics after the fraud was uncovered (eg, "I so really wanted it to be true.") were revealing. Of course, the two scientists who were going to expose the fraud were the murder victims of the Chancellor who didn't want to lose research funding. IPBiz recalls the activities of one real Stanford economist in re-writing the story of the transistor. [See 8 JMRIPL 80]. Some of the lines in the Mentalist about delusional academics are not far off the mark of reality of academics who pursue theories not supported by the evidence.

***In passing

The research in the Mentalist was based on the premise that morality was a controllable binary switch system, a premise that Simon Baker comically exploited to identify the killer.

"Without a Trace" had a line "like being in a Salvador Dali painting."

A synopsis of the episode of the Mentalist, Red Brick and Ivy, is on imdb

for videoclips


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