Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meeting on Algal Biofuels at UMaryland; Chu to head DOE

One week after NBC Nightly News did a piece on biofuels from algae, there was the Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap Workshop held at the University of Maryland Inn and Conference Center Dec. 9 and 10.

Navigating to the link, one can obtain a variety of relevant papers, including a paper by Al Darzins, who was quoted by NBC Nightly News on Dec. 2.

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Barack Obama has apparently nominated Steven Chu to head the DOE. From a report from AFP-->

President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Nobel prize-winning physicist Steven Chu, a strong advocate of alternative and renewable energy research, to be his energy secretary, US media reported Thursday [Dec. 11].

Obama has also decided to name three experienced policy makers and regulators to key environmental jobs, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times wrote, suggesting the next US president plans to push for a bold shift on climate and energy issues.

Obama has selected Carol Browner, former administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under president Bill Clinton, to fill a position overseeing energy, environment and climate policies, the newspapers reported, citing unnamed Democratic party officials.

Browner once served as legislative director for former vice president and environmental advocate Al Gore when he was a member of the US Senate.

Obama also has decided to name Lisa Jackson, former head of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, to head the EPA. Nancy Sutley, a deputy mayor of Los Angeles for energy and environment, will lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality, the reports said.


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