Friday, December 19, 2008

Macari, Drew University sued for theft of academic program

New England College [NEC] sued poet Anne Marie Macari and New Jersey's Drew University for theft of a college program, specifically a Master’s of Fine Arts in Poetry program. [In passing, this is the kind of suit that Texas A&M might have filed against Wender and SIU, but didn't].

A WiredPR news release observed: Macari was previously employed by NEC, a Henniker, New Hampshire based liberal arts school, before becoming a program director at Drew. She was stated to have failed to meet her obligations during the latter part of her employment at the institution, using work hours to create the identical NEC program for the New Jersey based Drew University. NEC reportedly sent a request to the school asking them not to launch the stolen program, which they plan to begin in January. The request was refused.

UPDATE. from

02/17/09 New England College v. Drew University, et al.
Case No. 08-cv-424-JL, Opinion No. 2009 DNH 016

Drew University, an out-of-state defendant, moved to dismiss the complaint against it for lack of personal jurisdiction. The plaintiff objected, arguing that conduct that can be attributed to Drew University resulted in the plaintiff’s in-forum injury. Alternatively, the plaintiff requested leave of court to conduct discovery on the issue of personal jurisdiction. Concluding that the plaintiff made a colorable (yet not sufficient) case for the existence of in personam jurisdiction, the court denied Drew University’s motion without prejudice and granted the plaintiff leave to conduct limited jurisdictional discovery. 11 pages. Judge Joseph N. Laplante.


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