Monday, December 15, 2008

Google on net neutrality

Yahoo Finance states:

Google Inc. denied that it had reversed its stance on the issue of "Net neutrality" and dismissed a story in Monday's edition [15 Dec. 08] of The Wall Street Journal on the subject as "confused."

Citing undisclosed sources, the newspaper reported that Google had been in talks with major cable and phone companies about getting preferential treatment for traffic to and from its sites.

That would conflict with the principle of Net neutrality, under which carriers traditionally give the same treatment to traffic from different sites. The Federal Communications Commission has voiced support for the principle, and sanctioned Comcast Corp. this year for slowing some types of file-sharing traffic. Google has been a vocal supporter of Net neutrality.


Orion has filed a Hatch-Waxman infringement action against Wockhardt (of Mumbai and of Bridgewater, NJ [Bedminster]) related to carbidopa/ levodopa/entacapone pharmaceutical, Stalevo®, a prescription drug used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Relevant patents are 5,446,194 and 5,135,950.


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