Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Chemists not scientists, according to California's CIRM

IPBiz got a chuckle from the following pronouncement from CIRM (via californiastemcellreport):

"CIRM places high value on interdisciplinary approaches. When scientists work in collaboration with engineers, physicians, chemists, mathematicians, and others to solve complex problems, they can achieve more than they could have working alone."

The implication would seem to be that chemists (along with engineers and mathematicians) are NOT scientists. Thanks, CIRM!

One also has:

"CIRM’s president proposes to create an industry advisory body that will aid its executive to more effectively communicate and partner with the bioengineering, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Consequently, the science initiative outlined later in this document calls for a major increase in CIRM’s industry collaborations." Interesting talk when CIRM hasn't been able to figure its own patent policy out and hired, as an ip consultant, a person who was not a registered patent attorney.


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