Friday, December 12, 2008

Bob Park flails BlackLight with quote from Chu

Bob Park's 12 Dec 08 WN included:

Yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, I turned on CNN to see if there was any news. Two heads were talking about BlackLight Power, which had found "a way to extract all the energy we need from water." There was a picture of Randy Mills in the background holding something technical. The "she" head said "it sounds like a great idea." The "he" head agreed. (So do I, if you can make it work.) He said big companies have invested $60 million, so it must work. I tried to find yesterday's exchange on Google just now. No luck, but I found other CNN reports from last summer that sounded just like it. CNN should talk to Steven Chu; In 2000, Chu, along with other Nobel Prize winning physicists, was asked by a reporter about people investing in BlackLight. Chu's response was not as colorful as some. "I feel sorry for them," he said softly.

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Separately, recall a post on New Energy Times which included the text:

Why has BlackLight not corrected the significant mischaracterizations of its patent portfolio that appear on the Rex Research Web site? Specifically, many items are inaccurately labeled patents rather than patent applications. The listings of so-called patents on that Web site include dozens of such errors.


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