Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ten places to see before you die. Again.

Lists are hot items for getting internet hits. Now and then, yahoo gives a list of 10 places to go to before you die. You better plan on living, because the members of the list keep changing. The current list includes:

1. San Francisco de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos, N.M. [For those stuck in New Jersey, the Princeton Art Museum has a few O'Keefes that get displayed.]

2. Whaling Museum, Nantucket, Mass. [For those that can't take the boat to Nantucket, Gloucester is pretty good. In passing, one blog reported the Bidens spent Thanksgiving on Nantucket: Once on Nantucket, the Bidens will celebrate Thanksgiving at a 5280-square-foot home on scenic Polpis Road near Sesachacha Pond. Biden rented the house from local builder Larry Maury, son of well known Nantucket entrepreneur John Maury. Not the typical hang-out of Joe Six-Pack.]

3. Battery District, Charleston, S.C. [To recall how things once were, one can go to the slave market. (Biden once referred to Delaware as a slave state, but one bets there is no slave market site in Wilmington.) LBE had a chance to visit Sumter on an anniversary of the "first shot," but still hasn't found the location of "where" the first shot was fired.]

4. Madison Valley, Montana

5. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

6. The Four Seasons Restaurant, New York City

7. The Rothko Chapel, Houston

8. The Huntington Gardens, San Marino, Calif.

9. Robie House (Frank Lloyd Wright), Chicago. [right the University of Chicago campus]

10. The Oregon Coast

[If the "Oregon coast" counts as one location, LBE would have included Bryce and Zion in Utah.]


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