Sunday, November 16, 2008

Research Integrity Brownbag on J.H Schon

IPBiz ran across a set of PowerPoints on "research integrity." [pdf format]

IPBiz notes that BEFORE the Beasley committee was formed, many physicists were questioning the results of Schon AND their questioning was falling on deaf ears, at Bell Labs and at the journals. [LBE published one comment, rejected by Nature, in IPT.]
It was the "tip" on the duplicated graphs that actually caused the Schon fraud to unravel.

The PowerPoints do observe that Schon was not keeping lab notebooks.

[There seemed to be no discussion of Hwang Woo Suk in the "research integrity" slides.]

**In passing, note slides for Case study approach to teaching ethics to science students at the University of Copenhagen by Tom Børsen which asks the question

Was Jan Hendrik Schön dishonest? Duh? Let me see, he made up results and published them as if they were
real. Yes, dishonest to readers of his papers. Dishonest as to Lucent stockholders, too. Obtained money (his salary, his equipment, his travel expenses) by means of fraud.

The Børsen slides also discuss Fritz Haber.

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