Friday, November 28, 2008

Plagiarism in New Zealand reported: Radio New Zealand has pulled Noelle McCarthy off air until Boxing Day after an inquiry uncovered fresh cases of suspected plagiarism. (...) Items on octopuses, Halloween and Wimbledon fashion drew heavily on articles printed in British newspapers.

A press release from stated:

Radio New Zealand has the most public and transparent editorial policies and operational processes of any broadcaster in New Zealand. All staff are required to be aware of the policies and abide by them.

Noelle McCarthy will continue to prepare for her Summer Noelle programme scheduled for broadcast from Boxing Day but will not present Afternoons for the rest of the year.

The matter was triggered by reports in the Sunday Star Times.


John Drinnan goes after Radio New Zealand over the McCarthy affair:

Radio New Zealand chief executive Peter Cavanagh and networks manager John Howson have put themselves in the firing line for their softly-softly approach to plagiarism by radio host Noelle McCarthy. (...)

The unsigned statement is part of a sorry saga in which the state broadcaster has obfuscated and delayed queries from the Business Herald about problems on the afternoon show.

This column reported on November 14 that John Howson - a former rugby commentator who has risen to the top at RNZ - even issued a statement to staff saying (unspecified) rumours about McCarthy were 100 per cent wrong and coaxed staff to quell them.


While some staff have taken solace from Radio New Zealand's sympathetic treatment of McCarthy through the investigation, they have questioned the damage to RNZ. "Some people are asking whether there would have been the same reaction if this had been a young journalist or lower-profile journalist or presenter," said a public radio source. [IPBiz: ask Laurence Tribe or Glenn Poshard]


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