Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Patent Docs on Wegner complaining about Pinkos

Kevin Noonan at Patent Docs wrote:

But in a series of e-mails sent to members of his extensive mailing list, Mr. Wegner, the dean of U.S. patent commentators, uncharacteristically excoriated the appointment of Stephen M. Pinkos to a position on the Patent Public Advisory Committee (P-PAC).

Noonan wrote of Pinkos: Although he is a graduate of the DePaul University School of Law, he is not licensed to practice law (according to Martindale-Hubbell) IPBiz notes that Martindale-Hubbell is not the final answer on "who is licensed to practice law." Of nor is there any record that he has passed the registration examination to practice before the Patent Office, IPBiz notes that the chief IP attorney at Cisco is not a registered patent attorney. Also, the patent attorney roster currently lists Leslie Misrock, who has been deceased for a number of years. Q. Todd Dickinson was not listed on the roster while he worked for a law firm, and a company, after his tenure at the USPTO; he now is listed.


Related to Cisco's "patent troll tracker", Rick Frenkel

Members of the committee

The IAM blog wrote:

For example, let’s look at who authored that 2007 PPAC report. Among those putting their names to it were Kevin Rivette, the committee’s chairman, Gerald Mossinghoff, Carl Gulbrandsen, Andrea Ryan and Dean Kamen. Would these people, all of whom have long and respected experience in US patent law and practice, as well as records of substantial achievement, really have authored a piece of work designed merely to “whitewash” the USPTO?


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