Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Patent attorney fee won't be collected till Spring 2009

LBE had a nice talk with Harry I. Moatz about the new fee imposed by ยง 11.8(d). The first order of business seems to be to collect current addresses for everyone, and you can get ahead of the game by making sure your address on the roster is accurate. The USPTO will be sending out information on the fee in Spring 2009 (it helps if they have your correct address), and there will be 60-90 days to pay the fee from the time of the notice.

See earlier IPBiz post:
Fee for registered patent attorneys [practitioner maintenance fee]

One by-product of this will be that listings on the roster such as:

Last Name Misrock
First Name S
Middle Name Leslie
Firm Name Pennie and Edmonds LLP
Address 1155 Aevnue Of The Americas
City New York
State/Province NY
Postal Code 10036
Country US
Primary Telephone (212) 790-6428
Registration Number 18872
Attorney/Agent ATTORNEY
Date Registered as Attorney 04/19/1960

will be removed. [This was found on 18 Nov. 08]

Similarly, all the folks currently listed under Pennie & Edmonds:

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix City State/Province Postal Code Country
An Richard H New York NY 10036 US
Cerrito Francis D New York NY 10036 US
Martin John C New York NY 10036 US
McKenney Charles E New York NY 10036 US
Misrock S Leslie New York NY 10036 US
Rein Barry D New York NY 10036 US
Shih Evangeline L New York NY 10036 US
Stops Eric C New York NY 10036 US
Terzian Berj A New York NY 10036 US

will likely be altered.

Mr. Dickinson is squared away:

Last Name Dickinson
First Name Q
Middle Name Todd
Firm Name American Intellectual Property Law Association
Address 241 18th Street, South
Suite 700
City Arlington
State/Province VA
Postal Code 22202
Country US
Primary Telephone (703) 412-4349
Registration Number 28354
Attorney/Agent ATTORNEY
Date Registered as Agent 11/19/1976
Date Registered as Attorney 03/22/1979


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