Sunday, November 09, 2008

More on the coffee patent wars

In October 2007, litigation between P&G and Kraft was stayed, pending outcome of re-examination of a P&G patent on plastic coffee containers. The initial part of the re-examination concluded favorably to P&G. Curiously, in the meantime, P&G sold its coffee interests to Smucker, which once litigated the infamous "peanut butter and jelly" patent against Albie's.

Reuters noted:

P&G sold Folgers, the largest U.S. coffee business, to JM Smucker Co on Thursday, 6 Nov 08. P&G said it has multiple intellectual property lawsuits pending against Kraft and would continue to lead the litigation against Kraft in coordination with Smucker.

In October, P&G widened its patent infringement lawsuit against Kraft to include some coffees used in Kraft's single- serving Tassimo coffee system. In September, P&G filed another suit against Kraft dealing with a new four-pound plastic container for Maxwell House coffee.

The New York Times wrote: Procter & Gamble said the United States Patent and Trademark Office upheld its patent used for a Folgers-brand plastic coffee container.

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**The earlier lawsuit was in Northern District of California.


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