Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hinman leading IP strategy at Verizon after stint at Allied Security Trust

In July 2008, IPBiz had a post on Brian Hinman then of Allied Security Trust.

One month later, Hinman had moved to Verizon, with Reuters writing:

Effective Sept. 1, [2008] Hinman will be responsible for leading the intellectual
property strategy for the corporation
, including both its Verizon Telecom and
Verizon Wireless business groups.

Dick Lynch, Verizon's chief technology officer, said, "Intellectual property
has never been more important to the success of high-tech companies than it is
today. Verizon is fortunate to have a significant and growing portfolio of
valuable IPR [intellectual property rights]. We believe that Brian brings the
expertise to maximize the impact of our IPR on Verizon's success."

Prior to joining Verizon, Hinman was chief executive officer of Allied
Security Trust (AST), a Poughkeepsie, N.Y.-based trust formed by several
high-technology companies to obtain cost-effective patent licenses
[!]. He was
CEO during the startup phase of the trust, formed in 2007, and before that he
spent more than 20 years in senior executive positions in the field of
intellectual property at large operating companies, including IBM and

Hinman holds Bachelor of Science degrees in business, marketing and economics
from University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic

Hinman is not a registered patent attorney.


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