Saturday, October 04, 2008

On paying patent royalties

At the end of a movie review of "Flash of Genius"-->

There's a memorable quote in Seabrook's New Yorker story from a lawyer for Henry Ford who once boasted that "[t]here is no power on earth, outside of the Supreme Court, which can make Henry Ford sign a license agreement or pay a royalty."

After winning his case against the Selden patent, one recalls Henry Ford offered his lawyer to Glenn Curtiss to fight the Wright Brothers.

The review also mentions used by Kearns-->

In his decades-long fight for justice, Kearns cycled through several lawyers well-known in patent circles, including William Durkee of Arnold White & Durkee (now part of Howrey) and Richard Aitken of Lane, Aitken & McCann (now part of Venable). Kearns eventually ended up representing himself pro se in many of his cases.


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