Friday, October 24, 2008

Newark Star-Ledger cuts newsroom staff by 1/2

AP -- The Newark Star-Ledger will reduce its newsroom staff by nearly half through voluntary buyouts as New Jersey's largest newspaper seeks to return to profitability. Jim Willse, the Star-Ledger's editor, said 24 Oct 08 that the newspaper accepted 151 buyout offers from its news staff, or about 45 percent of its 334 editorial employees. He said 17 buyout applications were rejected.

The New York Times, not doing too well itself, endorsed Obama. Bob Park wrote:
The Times, read daily by millions outside New York, today put its influence behind Barack Obama. Describing John McCain as "mired in the past," it was his choice of a running mate "so evidently unfit for the office," that was the decisive act of bad judgment. For what it's worth, What's New joins the New York Times in endorsing Obama, but you already guessed that. What's new?

Meanwhile californiastemcellreport notes a public relations gaffe, involving CIRM. What's new?


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