Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain science advisers: two guys and a dog?

The 26 Sept 08 issue of Science presents the winners in the 2008 visualization challenge. First place went to "The Glass Forest" which comprised an image of the diatom Lcimophora ehrenbergii on a marine invertebrate Eudendrium racemosum.

The 26 Sept 08 issue of Science reports that descendants of the Galapagos Floreana tortoise, once thought extinct, is alive and well on Isabela. Thank DNA. [p. 1749] On the next page, issues about an NSF grant related to the World of Warcraft [WoW].

Concerning the talk of Michael Reiss, once director of education at the Royal Society, Science wrote:

"His comments--or perhaps more accurately the spin placed on them by headline writers, newspaper columnists, and editorialists, ignited a firestorm." [p. 1752]

At page 1758, one has "Proteomics Ponders Prime Time." It discusses the potential of a full-scale human proteome project [HPP].

At page 1762, there is discussion of the role of Harold Varmus in the campaign of Barack Obama: A panel of which Varmus is a member prepared Obama's response to 14 questions presented by ScienceDebate 2008. There was an interesting [anonymous] quote in the Science article:

Obama has thousands of advisers, and McCain has two guys and a dog.

Elsewhere of note: "Can Neural Data Improve Economics?" and "Nonlinear thinking about molecular energy transfer".


Blogger Zuri said...

The Galapagos giant tortoise is the land animal that gave the "official name" to these set of Islands.

The largest populations are found in Alcedo Volcano on Isabela Island, and in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island.

The Galapagos giant tortoise keep growing for 30 or 40 years to almost 5 feet (1.5 m.) and weigh about 500 pounds (230 kg).

It is worth mentioning that no one knows exactly how long the galapagos tortoises live, but it seems they can easily reach 150 years!


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