Sunday, October 12, 2008

CBS Sunday Morning on Obama race issue

The lead story on CBS's Sunday Morning on October 12, 2008 was how the (rarely mentioned) race issue will play out in the presidential campaign. This was noted to be a vexing issue, hiding in plain sight, and the electoral decision is unavoidably colored by race.

There was lots of commentary from academics, including by Melissa Palmer of Princeton (Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton). Joe Trippe and Dan Bartlett were also quoted. Anthony Greenwald developed a questionnaire, the results of which indicated that 75% of respondents favored white over black.

There was mention of the "Bradley effect," a term arising from the loss of LA mayor Tom Bradley in the California race for governor in 1982, even tho the polls showed Bradley winning. There was also mention of poll error in the Virginia gov race involving Douglas Wilder. Some academic got on and said polls were better now, pointing to the Mass gov race (Deval).
HOWEVER, IPBiz invokes the GROSS failure of polling in the NJ stem cell vote in 2007.

A lead-in to the CBS story suggested that the race issue was the underreported story. IPBiz notes that Biden's plagiarism is also underreported.

Elsewhere on Sunday Morning-->

On Oct. 12, 1901 Teddy Roosevelt changed the name of the President's residence from "executive mansion" to White House.
There was a discussion of the Morris Jumel House in Harlem, HQ of George Washington in 1776.

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