Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Can law students get away with plagiarism?"

One expected the article in the Times-online titled Can law students get away with plagiarism? to have a line, Ask Joe Biden, but it didn't.

Instead, author Rebecca Attwood had text

The reseachers of Plagiarism in UK Law Schools: is there a postcode lottery? found that staff are unable to agree on the dividing line between poor academic practice and misconduct, cases of plagiarism are going unrecorded, and as well as wide variations in plagiarism regulations there is a willingness among some staff to depart from their institution’s official procedures.

As a result, students at different law schools are experiencing a “striking lack of parity” and plagiarists at some institutions are likely to be the “unwitting recipients of good fortune”.

Joe Biden undoubtedly would qualify as an “unwitting recipient of good fortune”. [See IPBiz post on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2008--> On the Biden plagiarism incident at Syracuse Law School]


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