Monday, October 13, 2008

Californiastemcellreport finally getting it?

In a post titled CIRM's financial immunity, californiastemcellreport finally shows signs of waking up to reality:

Nonetheless, it is likely to appear a bit unseemly to a good segment of the public for the stem cell agency to hand out tens of millions of dollars while California is so hard pressed that it may have to ask the federal government for a $7 billion short term loan so that it can pay its bills.


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CIRM was a bad bet in a good economy. Now, it's unconscience-able. At least NJ voters "got it" in November 2007, even if the pollsters didn't.

UPDATE.. Well, maybe californiastemcellreport isn't getting it after all --->

Is the California stem cell agency performing work that is beneficial to the economy of the state of California?

Any fair-minded person has to respond affirmatively to that question, and perhaps even some who are not so fair-minded.

But does CIRM have to spend $350,000 of taxpayer funds to prove its economic value? Will such an effort convince any skeptics that the $3 billion ($6 billion including interest) stem cell research program is economically worthwhile? The answer to both those questions is no.

The logical conclusion to californiastemcellreport's inquiries is that CIRM is NOT "any fair-minded person".

Separately, CIRM is taking money from California taxpayers that desperately needs to be applied elsewhere. Taking money for CIRM and having to borrow money to run the state is NOT beneficial to the economy of the state of California.


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