Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BubbleFusion heating up in October 2008?

New Energy Times reproduced an AP story which began --> A Purdue University scientist [Taleyarkhan] who was reprimanded for research misconduct over claims he produced nuclear fusion in tabletop experiments is suing two other faculty members for alleged defamation.

Separately, New Energy Times made its own accusations about charges A.2 and B.2 against Taleyarkhan-->

Here is how A.2 was manufactured. The committee first took Suslick's allegation and amplified it to include the legal language "falsifying intent." Second, it changed Suslick's statement from "left his name off the publication" to "caused Mr. Adam Butt's name to be added," and third, it introduced an opinion, "not a significant contributor," about Butt's involvement with regard to the paper.


Allegation B.2: "Dr. Taleyarkhan with falsifying intent stated in the opening paragraph of his paper in Physical Review Letters 96:034301 (2006) that "these observations [referring to Science 295:1868 (2002)] have now been independently confirmed."

Again we have a case of manipulation. As with allegation A.2, new language is introduced - incriminating legal language - "falsifying intent." Also, Inquiry Committee allegations C5 and D3 have been reworded significantly from referring to "press characterization" to "opening paragraph of his paper in Physical Review Letters."

A post on WTHI gives names WITH pronounciations-->

Rusi Taleyarkhan (ROO'-see Tal-ee-ARK'-in) says in a complaint filed in Tippecanoe Superior Court that Lefteri Tsoukalas (Lef-TEHR'-ee Tsoo-KAHL'-is) and Tatjana Jevremovic (Taht-YAH'-nuh Jev-REHM'-oh-vitch) made false and malicious public statements about his claims of producing nuclear fusion in tabletop experiments

Only in Indiana; Tippecanoe and bubbles too.

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Purdue report on Taleyarkhan finds misconduct on the smaller issues



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