Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bodog scalped by CAFC

The First Technology/Bodog patent matter came to a simple end in a terse, non-precedential opinion affirming the judgment that Bodog loses. Foley & Lardner represented Bodog.

IPBiz has been covering the case, which has evoked allegations of patent troll-ism:

Bodog and 1st Technologies contest patent

More on First Technology and Bodog

Patent trolls to be scalped?

Of the last post, recall the text-->

As a separate piece of trivia, the first Congressional investigation ever conducted pertained to the Battle of Beaver Dams in which Americans (led by the first U.S. President (under the Articles of Confederation)) were decisively beaten by Indians, sustaining more deaths (623) than inflicted upon Custer at Little Big Horn. Does anyone remember the battle and why the American commander (unlike Custer) was spared by the Indians? The Indian commander would later receive from Colonel Thaddeus Kosciusko a matching pair of pistols along with instructions to use them on "the first man who ever comes to subjugate you."


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