Monday, September 08, 2008

Print on demand

In the context of the end of William Patry's blog on copyright, there was a comment on publication on demand ->

I've been a reader of your blog since my lawyer pointed it out when I became involved in copyright litigation in 2005. If you're interested in putting the archive in print as a book, with either yourself as the publisher or somebody else, I'd be happy to explain all of the options available with print-on-demand. If you've only heard of POD in a negative light, it's by folks who confuse the technology with the subsidy publishers who have adopted it as a cheap way to put authors in print, But the biggest uses are academic presses, trade backlist, and independents like myself.

Just google my name for contact info if you're interested, though I'm signed in with my gmail account so you you might get my e-mail with the post notification

Morris Rosenthal


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