Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pondering confusions: Biden vs. Britney

IPBiz has noted that Joe Biden told Katie Couric on Monday, Sept. 22 that President Franklin Roosevelt made television appearances in 1929 about the stock market crash. Biden is 65 years old and probably remembers the beginnings of commercial television in his lifetime, and, as a University of Delaware graduate should know Herbert Hoover was president in 1929 and that Roosevelt was famous for his fireside chats on the radio.

A blog recently noted:

Picking on Britney Spears is kind of like shooting Cheetos-eating fish in a barrel, but her cover of the made-famous-by Joan Jett song “I Love Rock ’N Roll” does exactly what it should: adds gratuitous scratching, unnecessary beats, kewpie-doll vocals, and the least rock arrangement ever. Britney, c’mon, you don’t love rock ’n’ roll — you probably don’t even know how to spell it! Bonus fact: Britney thought it was Pat Benatar who made the song famous. Classic!

The query: which confusion was worse, Biden's or Britney's?

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